Thailand-based illustrator and graphic designer Meel Tamphanon uses her creative talent to express a hidden narrative of emotion that calls for us to search for the deeper meaning within her work. This is probably most evident in her frequent series of pieces depicting the relationship between lovers as they experience loss, desire, and the effect of things unsaid.


Q: What made you want to go into the creative art and design industry?
A: I’ve always loved art. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I graduated from the Faculty of Digital Art at Rangsit University in 2013 with a major in animation. On the other hand, I was interested in illustration. Finally, my current career is an illustrator and graphic designer.

Q: Who has most influenced you in your artistic career?
A: I don’t have any creative idols per se. Some of their works impress me with their use of colours or detail. I enjoy watching movies so I got inspired by them. For me, I try to keep myself healthy so I can travel as learning from new experiences is necessary for me. I seek inspiration to help me work more effectively. Although I’m usually busy with a tight schedule, after I’ve finished one project, I must move on to another project immediately. Sometimes I’m exhausted by everything around me. I may need more personal time to relax.


Q: Most of your artwork depicts couples and the melancholic feelings towards separation and loss. What kind of message are you trying to convey to the audience through these pieces?
A: Most of them are my personal illustrations. Basically, I have those kinds of feelings. Sometimes it’s like a dark gloomy cloud that just popped over my head and I need to let them out.

Q: You’ve also shared personal pieces that showed how you felt and what you were inspired by at that moment. Has drawing always been a way of self-expression for you growing up?
A: Not for all of them. Some were a form of self-expression, just a black cloud, while other pieces came from ideas and moods I got from films.

2018 scupture series

Q: The portfolio you’ve built includes a project where you illustrated classic literary characters. Do you have any plans to illustrate a children’s book?
A: Yes! I’m currently working on that. I’m just trying to draw in another way for my work in the future and not only the sad or dark side of things.

Q: If you weren’t an illustrator or a graphic designer, what other fields could you see yourself going into?
A: Not far from the arts. I could perhaps try a career in the film industry as a screenwriter or an animation director.





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