From painting to making cut-out collages in her sketchbook, Jakarta-born illustrator Martcellia Liunic takes inspiration from all around her to create her own unique set of lively and eye-catching illustrations.

With a keen interest in exploring different mediums, matched with her fondness for drawing charming characters, she started her own brand in 2015 endearingly called Liunic On Things, containing a variety of self-made illustrated merchandise.

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Q: How long did it take for you to discover your art style and how would you describe it?
A: I went to Lasalle College of the Arts back then, majoring in Graphic Design. I started to work in a graphic studio and advertising companies over the years but I didn’t develop any major illustration practice until mid of 2015. I think art style comes naturally. I tried different styles before but I keep on going back to this style. I would describe my style as playful, raw, and fun. I like to explore different mediums and practice my art, so let’s see. Maybe in the future, this style will evolve.

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Q: For the ‘Rexona for Girls’ project, you got to work on it with your sister. What was it like being able to collaborate with your sister on a big project like this?
A: Yeah I got the privilege to work with my sister on this project and it was one of the most fun projects to date. I did the art directing and my sister, Owi Liunic, is in charge of the stop motion and motion graphics. We fought a lot, of course, but the good thing was the client gave us the freedom to explore our kind of style.

Q: Why did you decide to create your own label, Liunic On Things?
A: The frustration of not being able to create stuff without any client interference is one of the reasons that drove me to create Liunic On Things. I need the freedom to create creative works on my own terms and having my own art label is a means for me to deliver my works to the people with similar vibes. Liunic is my surname given by my late Dad. I really like how my name sounds like a brand and it’s also a way to honour my late dad, I guess.

Liunic on Things

Q: You’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing clientele, such as Coach and GRAB, incorporating your illustrations into their brand. How do your clients normally come to know about you and your work?
A: Social media presence and online portfolio really help me find clients, and of course, from making friends in the industry!

Q: What has been your favourite collaboration so far?
A: ‘Rexona for Girls’ is definitely one of the most fun and big projects for me since it comes off as a 15” ad. I also like having Liunic On Things on a recent collaboration with Indonesia’s biggest local brand, Cottonink. That was fun. Every collaboration is special to me, especially if I get the freedom to express my art style.


Q: What do you enjoy most about being an illustrator?
A: I get to express my feelings through my art and I get the freedom to not work in an office. And, what’s most enjoyable is it really feels like all the hard work gets paid off when there’s someone out there who can relate to my work and appreciate what I create.

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