Graphic designer Kevin Teh has a pretty thorough design approach which he aims to cultivate in order to someday create something relatable, memorable, and useful. After moving to Sydney to study at the Billy Blue College of Design, he graduated in 2017 and has since made a career there.

Having previously worked at Strategy Creative, an international design agency, he is now a graphic designer at ED, designing brand identities and websites for an array of clientele. He has also been fortunate enough to have his work recognised by respectable associations such as the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), Type Directors Club (TDC), and Design & Art Direction (D&AD).


Q: What was the best piece of advice you were given when going into the industry?
A: Be decisive. This advice was given to me by my lecturer during a first-year design class, but it has since stuck with me. It reminds me not to overthink or be too pedantic. It’s good to explore other possible directions and ask for feedback, but ultimately, you still have to make a choice, so trust your instincts.

Q: Were the people around you supportive of your choice to pursue a career in the creative arts?
A: Yes. I’m lucky that my family was okay with me spending their money at a design school, but I think they would have reacted differently if we were a little more financially constrained.

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Q: Since starting your career, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
A: Learning how to get into the industry was a big one. I had never done any internship or participated much in design events while I was still studying (big mistake). So when I graduated, I had no connections and had no idea how the industry worked. At the same time, I was too insecure and afraid to apply to my favourite studios because I didn’t know how to approach them.

It took me a while to realise that my chances would definitely be zero if I didn’t even try. So, I searched for all the (good) studios in Sydney, sent out hundreds of applications, did a few internships, went through tons of interviews and rejections until I got my first job at Strategy Creative.

I also learned that even if a studio is not hiring, it’s worthwhile to just ask if you could come over and show them your portfolio. It’s a good way to connect and open yourself up to future opportunities.


Q: How does the local culture of where you’re currently based affect your work?
A: I’m currently based in Sydney and I feel that their design style is predominantly influenced by British and European designs, but not as experimental because the clients here are generally quite conservative. Perhaps this, on top of my affinity for Swiss design, is why I prefer a systematic and typographic approach.

While I like being part of the close-knit Australian design community, I would like to experience working at other design-centric cities like Amsterdam or New York someday; that’s my long term goal.


Q: Are there personal projects you’re looking forward to working on that you could share with us?
A: I did a logo design for a not-for-profit organisation a while ago, and I’m planning to explore what I can do with its visual language as a self-initiated project. I’m also currently exploring some concepts for my friend’s online jewelry store, so I’m excited to try out new styles and explore with materials.

Q: Could you imagine yourself pursuing another career path?
A: I was actually considering going into medicine at one point after high school; so yes, I can imagine myself being a really lousy and depressed doctor, that is if any clinic would have even hired me.



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