Hong Kong-based graphic designer Jim Wong is a designer of the 80’s generation; creative, innovative and energetic. These are the very characteristics that led him to establish his own independent design studio in 2012 called Good Morning Design. Here they specialise in visual identity, prints, and publication and Jim himself is an active participant of various exhibitions and workshops.

With a belief that good design should not only be aesthetically beautiful, Jim harvests his design inspiration from his everyday life to communicate the essence of the social message in his works.


Q: What inspired you to establish your own design studio?
A: At first, I started working on freelance projects with my friend using the name Good Morning Design, while we both held a full-time position in different studios. After years of working for multiple renowned design companies in Hong Kong, I thought it would be a good time to move on to the next stage, and therefore I started working independently.

Q: Why are you attracted to a career in the creative arts industry?
A: I love drawing since I was a kid. At the time, I thought about being an illustrator or artist. However, later on, when I was studying graphic design, I was attracted to printing and typography and started thinking maybe I could be a graphic designer instead, though at that moment I still didn’t quite understand much about the creative industry.


Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being a creative arts person?
A: I think the most rewarding part would be the clients’ appreciation for what we have done for them and how the design really helped their business or promotional event.

Q: Was there a particular moment that made you realise ‘Yes, this is what I was meant to do’? If so, could you share more on that?
A: I worked on a project for the PolyU a few years ago regarding a festival identity about social innovation. This was a wonderful experience as they respected us and gave us creative freedom. The result came out successfully and we got a lot of attention from the public and media.


Q: How do you choose which project to take on or decline? In other words, what are the requirements for accepting a project?
A: We usually choose the projects depending on our own interest in it, and most importantly, the schedule. Since we are a small studio, we try to avoid working on too many projects during the same period.





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