Cheng Jie Sung (Jay) is a graphic designer and illustrator with a great fascination towards Chinese characters. His works greatly portray his passion and talent towards design and have been well recognised by the Golden Pin Design Award and A Design Award.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Jay describes himself as one who refuses to spend his whole life working only on one thing.

good day_01
Good Day by Cheng Jie Sung and Ting Lai Chih

Q: Your creation like the Memento letter opener has a deep meaning behind it. How did the concept come to your mind?
A: The concept originated from my desire to thank my father for raising me. It occurred to me that there are people out there who wish to express their feelings (eg. gratitude) to their loved ones as well. I wanted to portray the idea of expressing one’s feelings through the act of gifting in my design.

Memento AD by Cheng Jie Sung

Q: Which one of your projects is your proudest work?
A: The CPU Project. It is one of the few projects that I’ve cooperated with photographers. The project seeks to advocate health and positivity.

CPU Project AD by Cheng Jie Sung

CPU Project AD by Cheng Jie Sung

CPU Project AD by Cheng Jie Sung

Q: Is it hard to express your creativity fully and satisfy your clients’ requests at the same time? How do you find a good balance for that?
A: I would consider myself lucky as my clients generally trust me, conflicts hardly happen.

Q: Graphic design differs around the world. Which country’s style of design do you like the most and why?
A: Japan. There’s a cultural bond between Taiwan and Japan. Also, due to the typography of Japanese characters, which are somewhat similar to Chinese characters, I am able to relate more to Japanese designs. I love how they portray simplicity and firmness in their designs.

Q: As a designer, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
A: To never forget your roots. I’ve also been advised to have a steady and peaceful mind by controlling my emotions well. It’s important to have a good lifestyle, facing each project with a positive attitude.

Grand Garden_00
Grand Garden by Cheng Jie Sung and Ting Lai Chih

EUREKA by Cheng Jie Sung

史達特安迪_poster -遠百
Start-Ending by Cheng Jie Sung

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