George Town, PENANG — An immersive and insightful forum celebrating artists’ captivating works and their creative journeys in Risograph printing took place at W Café on 29th and 30th July 2023. The forum, titled “Print, Play, Create: Unleashing Your Imagination with Riso Art,” brought together art enthusiasts, graphic designers, artists, and creative professionals for an inspiring afternoon of exploration and discussion.

The two-day forum showcased the unique medium of Risograph printing through artworks produced by the invited speakers themselves. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the intricate details of Riso prints, which blend rich textures, vibrant colours, and a touch of nostalgia. The forum was part of the Riso Art Jam, organised by Tsubaki Studio, a highly acclaimed design team known for their branding and packaging design expertise, besides curating interesting and engaging art-related events.

On the first day of the forum, the first speaker was Hasuriso (Kuala Lumpur), the creative printing division of Tsubaki Studio, who carved a niche in the world of Risograph during the pandemic lockdown. Hasuriso’s Jay Lim and Venus Kuek shared their inspirations and dreams, providing a glimpse into their creative process. Next, attendees were treated to a visual feast as Wittamon Niwattichai and Santi Tonsukha from Witti Studio (Thailand) presented their impressive Riso projects, sharing anecdotes and insights about their sources of inspiration and the collaboration opportunities with foreign artists that have come along since they started on their Riso art journey. Graphic designer and illustrator Takako Masuki from Japan dived into the technical aspects of Riso printing through her art series titled “Asian_Food_Design”, a zine dedicated to showcasing the various local foods from Asia.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-28 at 10.10.41 PMFrom left to right: Vivian Toh (Forum’s emcee and the curator of Riso Art Jam), Jay Lim (Hasuriso), Takako Masuki (Asian_Food_Design), Wittamon Niwattichai and Santi Tonsukha (Witti Studio)

The second day of the forum gave attendees a deeper understanding of how stories are created for Riso zines, as Chya Chyi of Bang Bang Zine (Kuala Lumpur) explained. The next speaker, Vanessa Lim, illustrator and visual artist from Singapore, shared her experiences with Risograph printing during her art studies abroad, providing her unique take on ideas and Riso’s role in fostering artistic expression. Malaysian artist and illustrator Book of Lai guided attendees through the process of realising one’s own personality and art style, offering practical insights into an artist’s versatility and creative potential.

DSCF8077From left to right: Vanessa Lim, Chya Chyi (Bang Bang Zine), Book of Lai, Vivian Toh (Forum’s emcee and the curator of Riso Art Jam)

By the end of the forum, attendees were effusive in their praise for the event. Vivian Toh, the forum’s emcee and the curator of Riso Art Jam, remarked, “The forum opened our eyes to the boundless possibilities of Risograph printing. The artists’ stories were truly inspiring, and their sharing helped us all grasp the Riso printing process better than we ever could from just hearing or reading about them. To enhance the forum experience, the Hasuriso team demonstrated the Riso printing machine at the bazaar.”

c8The Hasuriso team is demonstrating the Risograph printing machine

One of the attendees, a graphic designer from Penang, shared, “It was refreshing to witness the convergence of print technology and artistry. The Riso Art Jam, in general, emphasised the importance of embracing unconventional mediums like Risograph printing, which has been gaining momentum on the global stage but is still a relatively new and exciting printing technique in Malaysia.”

The Riso Art Jam was a remarkable success, serving as a catalyst for future explorations into the world of unconventional art mediums. The event celebrated the artists’ creativity and highlighted the evolving role of print technology in shaping the art landscape. Attendees left with renewed enthusiasm, ready to experiment with Risograph printing in their artistic endeavours.

c9 copyRiso Art Jam Bazaar

Held for the first time and significantly supported by the George Town Festival, the Riso Art Jam 2023 attracted thousands of visitors to participate in the Riso-themed bazaar that featured 35 vendors from 7 countries, as well as the exhibition, where more than 100 Riso artworks from around the world were on display, and more than 30 creative professionals from different design fields attended the forum. c10 copyRiso Art Jam Exhibition

The Riso Art Jam has received widespread acclaim as a must-see Malaysian art and design community event. With the easing of the pandemic, the Riso Art Jam will hold more activities in the future, providing more opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts alike for in-depth dialogue and exploration of the world of Riso.



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