A passionate designer, Hsin-Hsiang Kuo, shared his insights about book cover design with us.

Hsin-Hsiang is a freelancer from Taiwan, Tainan. After he finished serving in the army in 2014, he worked in a design company for four months. Now, he works as a freelancer in his hometown.

Hsin-Hsiang mainly focuses in the field of Graphic Design, 2D animation, illustration and MV photography. He enjoys doing different things and keeps a genuine heart.

“於記憶之濱” Book Cover by Hsin-Hsiang

Q: You love to include illustrations and art onto book covers, making them look interesting. What is the hardest part of this process?
A: I like to experiment and apply different styles with every given opportunity, so my designs always look distinctive and fresh. This is not an easy process and it takes up a lot of time, but it’s also very interesting at the same time. That’s why I enjoy it!

Q: How do you develop and draw your illustrations?
A: I like to find inspiration from many directions. For example, movie, fiction, works of artists from other fields and classic paintings. In my life, I also love creating new styles then give a different significance.

Q: Many designers think English characters are easier to design and layout, but you prefer using Chinese characters in your designs instead. Can you share with us the reason for that?
A: Traditional Chinese characters are constantly growing to be loved by many people even when they know different languages. I hope that through my design, more people will acknowledge and appreciate Traditional Chinese characters. I also love Chinese characters because it has vitality, like how humans have an individual personality.

Q: What is the favourite book cover that you have designed and why?
A: My favourite book cover which I designed is “Le Louvre insolent 這幅畫好爛“. It’s my favourite because this book is about an author who satirized world-famous artworks. So, I could use really bold ways to design the cover. As mentioned, I like to have a special and distinctive style from other design works, so, I love this design.

Lelouvre insolent 這本書好爛_book cover design
“Lelouvre insolent 這本書好爛” book cover design

Q: What is a good design to you?
A: A good design must include these three elements:
1. Able to deliver an important idea or message in a simple yet creative way.
2. Have their own personal characteristics.
3. Aesthetically pleasing.

Huanglin x Chingwen Live concert lyric book by Hsin-Hsiang

Huanglin x Chingwen Live concert lyric book by Hsin-Hsiang

2018 New Year Card Typography by Hsin-Hsiang

張瑀 紅氣球 海報 Yu Red Balloon Poster by Hsin-Hsiang

Inception Poster design by Hsin-Hsiang

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