If you’re a regular attendee of art and culture events, then you must have come across the works of illustrator Beatrice Eugenie Ho. When she’s not putting a smile on the faces of those she paints, she’s a freelance graphic designer and full-time visual designer who specialises in branding design through the use of watercolour illustrations.

With her furry feline-in-crime by her side, there’s no stopping this watercolour extraordinaire!


Q: What drew you to the art of watercolour painting?
A: The unpredictability and mysterious ways of how watercolour moves and blends intrigued me so much that it kick-started this journey!

Q: You participate in many art events offering to paint watercolour portraits of the people passing by. Why do you so enjoy participating in these events?
A: I was a student at that time and I just wanted more exposure for my work. After many trials on social media, Behance and exhibitions, I realised that live events and going out to meet people was the best way to get their attention so I continued on that route. Portrait painting wasn’t the only thing I did during these events but it was the most requested. I enjoyed understanding their stories and creating their narrative – it felt very personal and rewarding bringing these little stories to life!


Q: What do you do to get into the zone when it’s time to work on an artwork?
A: I brew a cup of coffee and then I get to work.

Q: How do you think you’ve grown as an artist over the years?
A: I have learned over the years to never let anything be too precious – be it my art, my beliefs or any personal/business relationships. Having to be ready and brave enough to dispose of what isn’t right for me has been one of the biggest growths I have experienced as an artist and as a person.


Q: Could you share with us your thoughts on the illustration community in Malaysia?
A: All I can say is that the community is ever growing, which is the best time for any aspiring artist to be in this game because it’s not oversaturated yet! Everyone is so passionate and involved within the community that it makes me never want to slack. I am very thankful to be part of this artistic family in Malaysia.

Q: How do you think social media platforms, such as Instagram, have helped artists to gain more exposure in recent years?
A: Besides being able to expose our own work to the world, what I’m most excited about is the exposure of great works from other international artists with amazing standards which we can look up to! Instagram is a simple platform that helps many artists set higher standards for themselves and gain a better understanding and watching the artistic lives of their favourite artists through the lens of Insta-stories such as works-in-progress and behind-the-scene insight.




Good things are meant to be shared. 😉 To see more of Beatrice’s work, check out the links below!
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Facebook: ohbeatricee
Instagram: ohbeatricee