Taipei, TAIWAN – The 2023 Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award are now open for registration and welcome designers from all around the world to join in. Don’t miss the great opportunity to let your light shine on this international stage!

With its inception in 1981, the Golden Pin Design Award is the oldest and most renowned professional design award in Taiwan. Since the first call for global submissions in 2014, numerous reputable domestic and international enterprises in and out of design have vied for the recognition of this professional and highly credible award, whose international visibility and influence continue to expand with the likes of Japan’s famous office supply brand KOKUYO, century-old cutlery manufacturer KAI Corporation, HP Inc., ASUSTek Computer Inc., Pegatron Corporation, TCL Technology, Shenzhen Baseus Technology Co. Ltd., Guangdong Chinno Industrial Design Co. Ltd., Untitled Design Ltd., Whitelight Motion, Aaron Nieh Workshop, and J.C. Architecture.

PAPER RAZOR™ (Kai Corporation, Japan)_The Moving Kitchen (J.C. Architecture, Taiwan)
Left: PAPER RAZOR™ (Kai Corporation, Japan)
Right: The Moving Kitchen (J.C. Architecture, Taiwan)

Dog/Human (EKAR Architects, Thailand)_The overprint series (for_st, Hong Kong)
Left: Dog/Human (EKAR Architects, Thailand)
Right: _ The overprint series (for_st, Hong Kong)

The Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award have 4 main categories: Product, Communication, Spatial, and Integration Designs. Every year, the organizer discovers outstanding innovative or promising designs by inviting notable global design experts to form a strong jury lineup, including German master Werner Aisslinger, British genius Tom Dixon, Chinese interior designer Tony Chi, Francine Houben the founder of transnational architecture firm Mecanoo, Thai graphic designer Tnop Wangsillapakun, as well as the best from Japan—Naoto Fukasawa, Koshikazu Sato, Fumie Shibata, and Yoshiaki Irobe, to identify outstanding, innovative, or promising designs.

Today, a first look into the impressive list of final selection jurors for this year revealed first-timers Vo Trong Nghia, the Vietnamese architect best known for his modern bamboo structures, and Robert Greenwood, the partner and Asia Pacific Director of Snøhetta (a Norwegian architecture firm known for their work on the Shanghai Opera House in China and the Busan Opera House in South Korea). The organizer will also have a wide range of professional views provided by experts for preliminary and secondary selections, including Vip Buraphadeja, the editor-in-chief of happening (an iconic fashion media outlet in Thailand), illustrious Thai graphic designer Manita Songserm, Japanese design procurement expert Yu Yamada, and Hjalti Karlsson the co-founder and creative director of Karlssonwilker (a top design studio based in New York). Please stay tuned for announcements on the full jury lineup soon!

2023 Call for Global Entries

Online registration for the 2023 Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award will be officially open on Thursday, April 6th. This year, with the easing of the global pandemic, the offline secondary and final selections will resume this September in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony is one of the most iconic annual event across the Asian design industry.

All commercialized products or works currently on the market are accepted for the “Golden Pin Design Award,” with an early bird discount for those submitted before 23:59 Monday, June 12th (GMT+8), and a final call for entries at 17:00 Wednesday, July 5th (GMT+8). The vendor applicant must be a business entity or design team. Design Marks will be awarded to high-quality commercial products and works that are currently available on the market, as well as to spatial or integrated designs that have been completed and operated. Winners for exceptional works with exemplary significance will be presented with Best Design Awards or Special Annual Awards.

The “Golden Pin Concept Design Award” which ends at 17:00 Thursday, June 29th (GMT+8), is for innovative proposals. All students, designers, and companies can register either individually or as a group for free. Each of the 3 Best Design Award winners will receive a cash prize of NT $400,000. In addition, this year marks its first cooperation with the zeczec Crowdfunding Proposal Contest, which has become a grand occasion in Taiwan to scout for potential talents of crowdfunding projects since it’s inception in 2020. Finalists of this year’s Golden Pin Concept Design Award who have also registered for the 2023 zeczec Crowdfunding Proposal Contest will automatically advance to the final round. Moreover, if the finalists initiate the proposal on zeczec crowdfunding platform, they will receive in-depth guidance and a series of promotional resources to make their creative dreams come true.

For more information on registration, please visit the official website of the Golden Pin Design Award (



About the Golden Pin Design Award Group

The annual Golden Pin Design Award is the longest-running international design award that celebrates products or projects expressly created for Chinese-speaking communities, offering entrants an unprecedented opportunity to prove their prowess in the world’s largest market.

The Golden Pin Design Award Group is comprised of two international awards — the Golden Pin Design Award, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award — and the Young Pin Design Award for students in Taiwan.

The Golden Pin Design Award Group is executed by the Taiwan Design Research Institute and organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs acts in an advisory capacity.

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